Who We Are

7 members of the People's Housing Project stand in front of an emergency shelter for a houseless person. They are smiling and have their arms around each other.

The People's Housing Project is a grassroots organization in Portland, OR.

We provide emergency shelters for members of the houseless community, and combine that with support services as they're needed. We help through weekly trash and needle pickups, needle disposal bins, and ongoing distributions of water and supplies. We are entirely grassroots funded, without any big corporate or government funding.

The city of Portland declared homelessness an emergency 6 years ago – and in that time, the city's approach has not only failed to improve the situation,  but the situation has only gotten worse. Rather than wait for endless sweeps by the ruthless Portland Police Bureau that never help, or Safe Rest Sites that never seem to materialize, we are taking matters into our own hands. 113 houseless people died in Multnomah County last year – we can do better.

By providing emergency shelters to houseless people where they're at, we are giving them the tools to survive the winter. By providing support services, we can help camps keep themselves clear. Successful houseless communities, like Hazelnut Grove in Portland and the Nightingale in Eugene, are able to manage themselves when their housed neighbors structurally enable and empower their success.

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