What We Do


Emergency survival shelters are exactly what the name describes: temporary, transitional shelters designed to help houseless people survive the winter.

By combining these with support services, we seek to create safer, cleaner, and more stable houseless camps and communities.

We take a proven and successful Housing First approach, which gives people the best chance to improve their lives, get clean, and live with dignity.

Support Services

Support services are cheap, and can be provided to houseless people where they are at – we are keeping our own neighborhoods clean, without waiting for the city to offer bandaids and half-measures.

We've provided a variety of services as need-be. We've run weekly trash and needle pick ups, we maintained porta potties for several months, we provide tri-weekly water and supplies, and we've built and distributed reusable needle disposals.

Your recurring donation covers the monthly costs of these vital programs, which benefit the lives of everyone in the community regardless of housing status.

Community Engagement

We keep weekly engagement up with the unhoused neighbors we work with, as well as doing face-to-face outreach throughout the city of Portland. We seek to build a coalition between housed and unhoused people in Portland.

Right now, we are raising money and public support to supply more services, as well as build more shelters! The best way to help is to sign up through our Patreon here!

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